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Dave Tomlinson, Theologian and Broadcaster, visits Birkdale

London vicar and author, Dave Tomlinson visited the Senior School on Friday last week. He is most well-known for a game changing book of popular theology, ‘The Post Evangelical’, published in 1995. Now, a number of books later, including ‘How to be a Bad Christian (and a better human being)’, Dave is one of the Pause for Thought gurus on the Chris Evans Breakfast Show.

Dave first spoke to the whole school in assembly with a persuasive appeal to the school community to transcend and ignore any cultural differences that might divide us.

He then went on to spend the morning with the Sixth Form Religious Studies students, initially giving an entertaining lecture on religion in a post-modern culture and then spending over an hour answering questions from our students on some of the more controversial aspects of his theology.

Our thanks to Dave for what was an extremely informative and interesting morning and, more than anything, a chance to do some real, in-depth, theology.         

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