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Bruce McCandless Space Lecture

Last Saturday, 6 A-level physicists were given an amazing opportunity to attend a lecture by former NASA Astronaut Bruce McCandless. The afternoon event was held in the West Yorkshire town of Pontefract and run by the Space Society. Upon entry we were presented with an array of various NASA merchandise, much of which was signed by astronauts including Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong!

After having a photograph taken with Mr McCandless we waited patiently for the lecture to commence. Mr McCandless was a crew member aboard the Challenger space shuttle and is the first man to complete an untethered spacewalk. He journeyed 30 metres away from his ship using a Manned Manoeuvring Unit (MMU) which he co-developed.  He meticulously described the event which produced such an iconic photo: 

McCandless also served as Capcom on Apollo 11 in mission control and in 1990 was on board the challenger as it launched the famous Hubble Space Telescope. It was a privilege to hear him speak and truly inspirational.

Aryan (L6)

Children's Hospital Charity