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Classical Civilisation Trip to Lincoln Castle

On Saturday 21st October a party of boys from S2-S4 who are studying Classical Civilisation and/or Latin travelled to Lincoln Castle for a rendezvous with the Roman Army.

This was a chance to see the Ermine Street Guard, a top class ancient re-enactment society, up close on manoeuvres. The legion paraded into the castle grounds, complete with standard bearer, trumpeter, centurion, and even cavalry!

They then demonstrated battle formations, combat training techniques, cavalry charges, and finally their ballista and onager machines in action. After this the boys had a chance to chat to the soldiers who were cooking over campfires in their tented encampment. There was even a gruesome talk from a military surgeon, who demonstrated arm amputation on one of our S3s!

After lunch, the boys explored the castle's Victorian prison and learned about Magna Carta in its special vault, followed by a circuit on top of the castle walls. A great day was had by all - even if the weather was rather blustery!



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