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Grant Awarded to Birkdale Classics Department

The Society for the Promotion of Hellenic Studies considers applications from institutions and schools for grants to assist projects and events in the field of Hellenic Studies. The Birkdale Classics Department were delighted to be awarded a grant for a set of text books for Greek Club. 

Seven S3 (Y9) boys began learning Classical Greek in two half-hour lunchtime lessons per week in October 2016. Their aim was to be able to sit OCR's Entry Level papers by May 2017, and they all reached this goal. The papers were marked internally and moderated by OCR, and all our candidates achieved their award. The two written papers tested vocabulary, grammar analysis and comprehension. There was also a coursework component, and this is where the text books purchased came into their own. The boys researched what can be discovered about Greek women's lives from vase paintings, so they needed to understand the background facts from a reliable and accessible source. 

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