School News

'jSax Jazzing Pre-Prep

A group of boys in PP2 have enjoyed their first ‘jSax’ lesson today. Throughout the year all PP2 pupils will have the opportunity of 10 lessons of ‘jSax tuition as part of their music curriculum. The ‘jSax’; a starter instrument to give younger pupils the experience of learning the saxophone.

It is a “stripped down” version of a traditional saxophone, which utilises simplified sax fingering patterns (similar to recorder fingerings). Due to its simplicity and small size, the 'jSax is ideal for even the youngest of students, preparing them for when they are ready/big enough for a traditional saxophone!

We are very grateful to Mrs Beavers who has co-ordinated this new initiative.  The boys demonstrated buckets of enthusiasm in their first lesson and a grain of talent waiting to grow!

It is our hope that the boys continue enjoy this taster opportunity and that it will encourage them to want to learn an instrument as they continue through School.

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