School News

Pre-Prep Love TrySports

All Pre-Prep boys have the opportunity to work with sports specialists for 6 sessions each year. Birkdale are very grateful to Jack Howieson and his team for the expertise they bring to school each week with TrySports. The sports sessions involve coaching a number of sport movement skills, which are transferable to most popular sports. The boys love the variety of games and activities, which are fun and keep them very active throughout the afternoon.

For the boys who have any energy left at the end of the day they can continue TrySports after school. The clubs are so popular Jack has added to the range the boys can be involved with including TryRugby and TryFootball.

All this extra practice is certainly having a positive effect of the level of fitness and health of our youngest Birkdale boys. We hope the Pre-Prep will continue to send on some Prep sporting stars and maintain the tremendous record of success the school enjoys in the sports field.


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