School News

Fee, Fi, Fo Hmmmmm?

Yet again, the Pre-Prep boys have amazed, impressed and entertained us with their Summer Show. Written by Mrs Fletcher, with a little help from Stanley Leighton and George Mills in Prep 1, our very youngest boys told the story of a sadly maligned and misrepresented giant called Steve, a cow called Daisy, and eight enterprising brothers.

The boys sang beautifully and enthusiastically danced their way through the story of Jack and the Beanstalk, using their Spanish song to tell us how hungry they were, so off Daisy went to the market to be exchanged for a tin of beans.

Thanks to some subtle scenery changes, carried out by two of the PP3 actors, the tin of beans grew overnight into a huge beanstalk, down which Steve the giant climbed and, in a departure from the traditional story, offered to share both his wealth and his vegetable patch with the brothers. The boys accepted his kind gesture, and of course, everyone lived happily ever after!

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