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Prep 4 Leavers Trip to France

Thirty boys and 4 staff enjoyed a fantastic trip to France in the penultimate week of the Summer term.


After an early start P4 had an uneventful (but noisy!) journey to Portsmouth. They travelled to Cherbourg on the catamaran and eventually arrived at their home for the week “La Grand Ferme” in Normandy at about 10pm ready for a good night’s sleep.

Glorious sunshine and perfect weather lasted for the whole trip. The first activity was to cross the bay to Mont St Michel at low tide. This is a 6km walk across sand and mud and everyone had great fun splashing through pools and sliding on wet mud. The boys also enjoyed the stunning views and learning many things about oysters, tides, cockles and quicksand from the very knowledgeable guide. This was followed in the afternoon by bread making and circus skills. The evening was spent enjoying a light hearted quiz and some free time around the centre.

On Monday the boys had a guided tour of the picturesque city of Saint Malo before meeting up with 15 children from a local French school. They played lots of games together and the afternoon ended with them showing the boys around their school. Lots of French was spoken and a great time was had by all.

Tuesday morning saw the group split into two groups to enjoy the centres new swimming pool and local supermarket. On Tuesday afternoon they visited Monsieur Martin’s goat farm and learned all about goats and cheese. Luke Dunn proved to be a natural at milking the goat! During the evening everyone enjoyed a ‘Birkdale’s got talent’ show. Singing and dancing of all types.

On Wednesday they hit the market at St Hilaire in fine style. The mission, in groups of 8 was to buy a picnic lunch speaking only French. This was achieved well and they all lunched magnificently! Then, in true Birkdale Prep tradition they went to the beach and had a good natured but highly competitive sandcastle building contest.

All thirty boys, Mme Whitt, Mr Hollings, Mr Hinchsliff and Mr Burch had a great time. This was Mme Whitt’s last trip before retiring from the Prep school. Thank you Mme Whitte for all the trips you have organised so efficiently over so many years!


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