Senior School

GCSE Religious Studies


Religious Studies OCR B


Part 1: Philosophy through Christianity

This paper involves a study of key Christian beliefs from a philosophical perspective. This means we analyse Christian ideas and what they mean. We look at the way Christians defend their beliefs and evaluate them for ourselves. We consider, for example, arguments for God’s existence, belief in life after death, the problem of evil and the relationship between Christian belief and science.

Part 2: Applied Ethics through Christianity

This paper involves learning about and assessing the way Christian belief is applied to certain ethical dilemmas. We then evaluate these difficult dilemmas for ourselves. For example, we look at the ethics of abortion, euthanasia, genetic engineering, war, poverty and racism.
If you’ve enjoyed RE in S3, studying philosophical questions and ethical dilemmas, then consider GCSE RS...


There is no coursework in RS. Assessment is by two exams, each two hours long.

The Value of RS

Religious Studies is a respected academic subject that requires students to understand some challenging material and then to argue their viewpoint clearly. It is valuable for developing thinking skills and learning how to express ideas clearly and persuasively. We have chosen a philosophical study of Christian ideas for this very reason.

The Students

Students need to be ready to consider new ideas and be ready to argue their case. They do not need to have any particular religious conviction or, indeed, any religious faith at all. In the past, students with a variety of views, Muslims, atheists, Christians and agnostics have completed the course with great success.
What some past students have said:
“RS makes you think. You suddenly see the other side of things…”
“ - Exciting debates and drama.”
“Very interesting and fun: RE gets better as you get older.”
“ - Great for arguing your point of view.”

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