Senior School


Welcome to the Mathematics department.
The results achieved by our pupils in Mathematics at GCSE and A level are extremely good by any standard. This does not happen through chance. We believe strongly that by teaching Mathematics in relevant contexts where possible, providing differentiated work in order that every child can maximize their potential and by stretching and challenging our most able pupils whilst supporting those who find Mathematics difficult, we give every child a positive and empowering experience of this key subject.
We are committed to helping pupils achieve their best, whatever their ability. Less able pupils are taught in smaller groups (typically containing under ten pupils) and different learning styles are taken into account in order to appeal to all pupils. To help us monitor our pupils' progress in Mathematics and to inform our future teaching there are formal assessments at the start of each half term (except September) in every year group. The department runs a twice weekly ‘clinic’ whereby all pupils have access to one-to-one support with their work. The most able pupils have their interest in Maths promoted through various competitions and challenges and have the option of studying for a further qualification alongside their GCSE.
Whilst emphasis is placed on using mental and written methods to solve problems there is a time and place for the use of electronic calculators. Teaching our pupils how best to use their calculators efficiently is far more streamlined if all have the same one. To this end the recommended calculator can be bought directly from the department at a significantly lower cost than on the high street or online.

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