Senior School

GCSE History


AQA IGCE History (First exam 2016)

Paper 1 20th Century Depth Studies

Written paper: 35% of the assessment:1 hour 30 mins – 75 marks


Paper 2 International Relations 1905-2005

Written paper:35% of the assessment:1 hour 30 mins – 75 marks


Paper 3 Historical Investigation

Written paper with pre-release source material:30% of the assessment:1 hour 45 mins – 60 marks


Paper 1 20th Century Depth Studies

There are three sections: Section A, B and C. Candidates must choose a topic from each section.

Section A

Topic 1: Tsardom to Communism: Russia, 1914–1924

Topic 2: Weimar Germany, 1919–1929

Topic 3: The Roaring Twenties: USA, 1919–1929*

Section B

Topic 4: Stalin’s Dictatorship: USSR, 1924–1941

Topic 5: Hitler’s Germany, 1929–1941

Topic 6: Depression and the New Deal: USA, 1929–1941*

Section C

Topic 7: Race Relations in the USA, 1945–1968*

Topic 8: The Vietnam War, 1954–1975

Topic 9: The Middle East, 1956–1979

One question will be set on each topic.


Paper 2 International Relations, c1890–c1939

Candidates must study topics 1 to 3.

Topic 1: The origins of the First World War, c1890–1914

Topic 2: Peacemaking, 1919–1920 and the League of Nations, 1919–1939

Topic 3: Hitler's foreign policy, 1933–1939 and the origins of the Second World War

One question will be set on each topic


Paper 3 Historical Investigation, The Cold War, c1945–c1990

Paper 3 Historical Investigation is a written examination based on pre-release source material.

In the examination candidates will be required to answer six compulsory questions.

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