Senior School

GCSE Geography

Geography is an extremely popular option subject (usually 3 sets). The groups are mixed ability with up to twenty students per group. The coursework component is carried out during a residential field course to Snowdonia. Students follow AQA Syllabus A, with the majority sitting the Higher level examination. All students subscribe to the ‘Wide World’ magazine and are issued with the core textbook the ‘New Wider World’ S4/5 (Years 10/11) and are timetabled for four lessons a week, (2 1/2 hrs total).

Unit 1:

Physical Geography; Written Paper 37.5%

Unit 2:

Human Geography; Written Paper 37.5%

Unit 3:

Local Fieldwork Investigation; Controlled assessment 25%
Year Term Topic
Y10 Christmas Ice on the land
Y10 Easter Tourism
Y10 Summer Controlled Assessment
Y11 Christmas
The restless Earth
Changing Urban environments
Y11 Easter The Coastal zone
Y11 Summer Revision and exams


Year Term Fieldwork
Y10/11 Christmas
Voluntary foreign residential
trip. Past destinations include:
Iceland, New York, Grand Canyon, Netherlands, Morocco
Y10 Summer
Controlled Assessment
fieldwork and data collection - Snowdonia
National Park
Christmas Local urban studies in Sheffield
Y11 Easter Coastal processes, landform and erosion on the East Yorkshire Coast
Y11 Summer Revision and exams

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