Senior School


What do we teach?

Our department teaches Latin, Classical Civilisation and Classical (Ancient) Greek.

Why does Birkdale offer these subjects?

The Classics department plays a key role in the curriculum at Birkdale. It offers students a great deal, both in its own right and in supporting the work of other departments. Classical subjects make a valuable contribution to both the general education and the personal development of our students.

What do our students achieve?

The Classics department has a tradition of high achievement in public examinations and university entrance. We are proud of the high standards achieved by pupils of all abilities. Our students often win prizes in national competitions.

Which key skills do our students develop?

Communication is a vital skill in today’s world, and is constantly enhanced by lessons in our department. Group activities help students to work with others. Many of our lessons involve using IT skills. We actively encourage our students to improve their own learning and performance, and using sources from the ancient world as evidence involves problem solving.

What do we encourage our students to do?

Our students are constantly urged to make comparisons between the classical and modern world and form value judgments. In the early years of the Senior School they look closely at language and the influence of Latin on other languages, particularly English, French and Spanish.
We encourage students to interpret stories and situations according to their own life experiences. They develop a sense of how the Classical world has influenced the history and culture of the Western world.
In the later stages of the curriculum students respond personally to Latin and Greek literature and make their own judgments about the Greek and Roman world using first hand evidence.
In the Sixth Form we extend the range and scope of inquiry and personal response. We encourage our students to read more widely and think about the issues raised by the archaeological and literary record of the A level topics.

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