Scholarships and Bursaries


Academic and Music Scholarships for 2018 are offered to pupils who are entering Y7 (S1) at 11+ or who are planning to enter the Sixth Form at 16+.  Sports Scholarships and an Arkwright Design and Technology Scholarship are also available at 16+.  

The scholarship examinations at 11+ and 16+ are designed to be equally appropriate for pupils in both maintained and independent schools and are open to pupils already at Birkdale and to those currently studying elsewhere.

Entering a pupil for the scholarship examinations presumes a firm intention on the part of parents to accept an award if one is offered.  Candidates are welcome to apply for any of the available scholarships for which they are eligible, but please note that the total fee reduction through scholarships cannot exceed 25%.



A limited amount of bursary funding is available for allocation to pupils who are able to demonstrate in academic assessment that they would benefit from a Birkdale education; but for whom full fee payment would be prohibitive. 

If a bursary is awarded, the value is dependent on a family’s financial circumstances.  A bursary awarded to a pupil entering the school between S1 (Y7) and S4 (Y10) would be tenable until the end of S5 (Y11) in the first instance, provided that financial circumstances remained unchanged during that time.  A bursary awarded for Sixth Form entry would be tenable for two years, again provided that financial circumstances remain the same. A bursary may be awarded alongside a scholarship to increase overall fee remission.

Applications for bursary funding are by invitation following initial assessment, either in the 11+ Entrance Test or Sixth Form Scholarship and Bursary Examinations.  If further consideration is possible following assessment, a bursary application form will be provided for parents to submit the detailed financial information required.                         


Summary of Dates for 2018 entry

Examination Examination Date Closing Date
11+ Entrance Examination
Wednesday 24 January Friday 12 January
11+ Scholarship
Thursday 8 February By invitation
11+ Music Scholarship
Wednesday 7 March Wednesday 14 February
Sixth Form Academic Scholarships
Saturday 20 January Friday 15 December
Sixth Form Music Scholarship Thursday 8 March Wednesday 14 February
Sixth Form Sports Scholarship Saturday 27 January     Friday 15 December
Sixth Form Arkwright Scholarship February 2018 January 2018 (see website)

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