Sixth Form

Community Action

This is optional in the Sixth Form for those who wish to help in the community, starting in the Easter term of the Lower Sixth year and continues through to the Upper Sixth. Once a Sixth Former decides to take part in Community Action, it would normally be for at least one term. Generally, Community Action takes place as an alternative to the Games afternoon on a Wednesday, but it may also be arranged at other times in the week when a student is free.
Pupils are encouraged to work in a variety of different areas. We have strong links with a nearby Nursing Home, several nearby charity shops, and also local primary schools where a variety of skills may be utilised, in order to assist with those that need help. “Deeds, not words,” is the Birkdale school motto.
“I can only award all your students top marks. They are a pleasure to have in our nursing home. Our ladies and gents really enjoy their company and they have mixed well with our staff team.”
Deputy Manager of a local Private Rest Home
The list below describes in more detail, the most popular options that are available.

Helping in a Primary School

This may be at the student’s old primary school if available or at our own Prep School a short walking distance away, where assistance with the 4-7 year olds is always welcomed.

Visiting the elderly

This is one of the more rewarding placements. It involves visiting elderly people at a nearby Nursing Home where students talk with and help to entertain. This is particularly useful for those students who are considering a medical career.

Working in a Charity Shop

Most charity shops rely on volunteers to help in the shops. You can arrange your own work place at your own local charity shop or nearby in Broomhill or on the Ecclesall Road and provide support to organisations such as Oxfam, Cancer Research and Help the Aged.

Children's Hospital Charity