Sixth Form

Academic Results - Leavers' Destinations

Leavers' university destinations and courses of study 2016

(Where more than one student is attending the number is shown)

Accounting & Finance – Newcastle (4); Nottingham (2); Warwick; Hull; Leeds; Leeds Beckett (2017); Middlesex

Acting - Essex

Archaeology – Newcastle (2)

Architecture – Manchester; Newcastle (with Urban Planning)

Art & Art Foundation – Chesterfield College

Biomedical Engineering – Surrey

Biomedical Science – Cardiff; Bradford

Business & related – Newcastle; Northumbria

Chinese & History of Art – SOAS, University of London

Computer Science – Sheffield; Newcastle; Lincoln; Leicester; Bangor; York

Drama & Theatre Arts – St Mary’s University, London

Environmental Sciences – Leeds

Economics – Queens' College, Cambridge; St Catharine’s College, Cambridge; Keble College, Oxford; Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge; Lancaster; Exeter; Manchester; Hull; Essex; Newcastle; Exeter

Engineering: Architectural/Chemical/Civil/Electrical/Mechanical/Materials – Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge; Imperial College, London; Durham; Warwick; Nottingham; Manchester Metropolitan University; Leeds Beckett

English – Lincoln College, Oxford; Leeds; Birmingham; Lincoln

Geography – Newcastle (5); Exeter; Birmingham; Nottingham; Nottingham Trent; Loughborough (with Management); Hull (Human)

History – St Hilda’s College, Oxford; Exeter College, Oxford; Newcastle (2); Sheffield (with Politics)

Journalism – Sheffield Hallam

Law – Bristol; Liverpool

Management – Manchester (with American Studies); Leeds (2017)

Marketing – Newcastle; Keele (with Psychology); Oxford Brookes

Mathematics – Manchester

Medicine – St Anne’s College, Oxford; Nottingham (2); Bristol; Manchester; Leicester; Cardiff; Debrecen University, Hungary; Newcastle; Lancaster

Modern Languages – Queen's College, Oxford; Newcastle (2); Bristol; Newcastle (2017)

Pharmacy – King’s College, London

Philosophy & Theology – Birmingham

Physics – Imperial College, London

Politics & Economics – Leeds; Newcastle; Newcastle (2017)

Psychology – Durham; Hull; Nottingham Trent (with Criminology); Buckinghamshire New University (Sports Psychology)

Sound Technology – Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts

Technical Theatre – Derby (2017)

Theology – Worcester College, Oxford

Veterinary Medicine – Nottingham



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