Sixth Form

A Level Religious Studies


Religious Studies (AQA 7062)

Religious Studies A Level is your chance to study PHILOSOPHY and THEOLOGY:



Philosophy of Religion

Religious Ethics

Christian Theology



How should religious language be understood?

Do miracles happen?

Is there life after death?


Meta-ethics: what does it mean to call something ‘good’?

Do humans have ‘free will’?

What is a conscience?

The ideas of Bentham and Kant


Christianity, gender and sexuality

Christianity and the challenge of science.

Christianity and the challenge of secularisation.

Christian responses to a plural society


Assessment: Examination only, no coursework

Is Religious Studies Useful?

Studying Philosophy and Theology provides an outstanding education in thinking and communicating.  You will learn to evaluate and argue with precision, skills your future university is looking for.  In the past, students looking to go on to study Medicine, Law, Business Studies and Psychology have chosen to take RS A Level for the skills it provides.  Of course, many of our students are inspired to go on to study degree courses in Philosophy or Theology.

Religious Studies complements many A Level subjects, from Physics and Maths to English, History and Art.  In RS we consider fundamental questions of human nature and existence.  This helps to deepen our students’ understanding of their other subjects. 

Do I need a GCSE in RS to take the A Level?  No.

Do I need to be “religious”?  No.  All you need is a willingness to consider new ideas.

What some past students have said:

“RS is an inspiring subject.  It opens the mind and forces you to go beyond our apparent realm of reality.”

“RS gave me the ethics I need to study medicine.”


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